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Online faxing using Gmail

Fri 30 June 2017 | tags: Online faxing, -- (permalink)

The Fax, or facsimile, like all other things, has undergone a transformation. Rather than using the telephone along with a fax machine, the internet is used for faxing and is known as Internet Fax, Online Fax, etc. Internet faxing is quick, convenient, eco-friendly and easy to use to send and receive faxes. Online faxing works through online fax services. These fax services assign a virtual number to those who subscribes to their service. By using this virtual number, the fax is sent. Gmail Fax Pro is one such service which uses Gmail to send and receive a fax.

According to, there are a number of online fax service providers operating currently. So, go through the below checklist to find the one that suits you.

Usage - Are you sending or receiving a lot of faxes? You will need to estimate that first. Based on that, choose a service which suits you best. Most services provide a pay-as-you-go feature, if you tend to send or receive a limited number of faxes. If you are a high volume fax sender, you can go for a yearly subscription which offers free faxes and other such incentives. You can also explore the option of free service if you occasionally use faxing services.

Fee structure - Understand thoroughly the various plans the service providers offer and also get a an estimate of the figure of the monthly cost you would incur, based on the volume of your faxes. Beware of servicer providers with low prices as they may have hidden costs.

Technical Customer Service- Before finalizing on the service provider, ask for a demo of the product as well as find out how the responsive the customer service is. You will want any problem with the vendor solved immediately. Always look for recommendations from people or online reviews on customer service department.

How does online fax service work through Gmail?

Choose an online service which can send a fax through Gmail. Once you sign up to the selected service, they will provide a virtual fax number. With that virtual number handy and a Gmail account to send email, you are ready to send and receive faxes.  

Sending fax through Gmail is similar to sending an email

  • In the ‘To’ section, enter the fax number
  • Attach the documents to be faxed using the attachments option
  • Enter the cover page title text in ‘Subject’ section
  • Enter the cover sheet message in the body of the email.
  • Finally, check if all the details entered in the fields are correct and click on send.

The documents are delivered in a few minutes. A confirmation message will be sent on successful transmission. Most service providers have a retry mechanism which will try to resend it multiple times in case of failure to deliver the fax. Even in the event of inability to deliver, you will get an error message email as to why the fax delivery was unsuccessful.

To summarize, though a third party service is needed by Google to transmit a fax, online faxing is the still the best choice given all the drawbacks the traditional fax machine has. By using the free trial access most service providers provide to full use, you can decide on the best service.