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Should You Choose Blogger Or WordPress?

Tue 14 March 2017 | tags: Blogger Or WordPress, -- (permalink)

Whenever there is a choice, there will be a difference of opinions. Likewise, in the free blogging sphere, the hottest topic of debate is if you should choose Google’s Blogger or, the content management system cum host. Both offer users a place to express themselves, but there are differences between them. If you want to set up a website and confused on which service would be the best suited for you, then here is a brief comparison that breaks down these services. When it comes to the long-debated topic of WordPress or Blogger, you can Learn More Here. There are websites like that gives you tips on getting started with your website.

WordPress is a commercial venture, and it is suited for those who invest their time, money, and loads of efforts to develop it and generate profit. While many aspects of WordPress are free, there are premium upgrades such as custom design, custom domain, guided transfer, premium themes, ad-free, redirect, VideoPress, and additional space. On the other hand, Blogger is not commercial. After Google’s acquisition, it underwent a few redesigns and got some new templates. There are no upgrades and no fees.

When it comes to customization and themes, both WordPress and Blogger provide a range of themes to you. Being a free platform, there is limited room for customization in Blogger. Not to mention, even a free WordPress site comes with hundreds of themes those can be used on your site in a single click. Nowadays, social media plays an important role in growing your business. This is where WordPress takes the crown. It has the Publicize feature that allows you to connect to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. This way, you can automatically share your content with the world. Blogger too has social media integration, but it plays well only with Google+ that is yet to catch up with the others.