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Mon 25 September 2017 | tags: Web Host, -- (permalink)

For new business owners or companies who are just foraying into the digital world, setting up a website can be a harrowing task. The most crucial step of it all is choosing the correct web host. For the layman, a host is a server where all things connected to the internet live. It is the virtual home and just like one would want a secure environment in their adobe, web host should also be reliable. Checking out web hosts like BlueHost, Gator Host and knownhost reviews can help shorten the long list of options.

A long line of articles on propounds that picking a good web host is vital for your website. This is a universal truth. The article will explain the pros and cons of different types of web hosting to help business owners. The most typical web host used by small companies is called shared hosting. This kind of hosts uses one server to store the data of many sites. Think of it as one house shared by multiple people. So, if two housemates need to you the toilet at the same time, they have to queue up. A shared host allocates resources on an as-need requirement.

The positive of the shared web host is that the cost goes down just like in the rent of a shared home would decrease. The negative point of such web hosts is that the sites tend to go down because of overburden on resources. Again, think of the shared home example. If, one roommate hosts a party and invites 50 people to it all the utilities of the home will be overburdened. How do the other roommates access the kitchen when there already 20 overfilling it?

A similar situation can arise in shared web hosts. If one website sees an influx of business, the ripple of it can distort the functioning of other websites on the host. The end line is that a shared hosting can fail at any point. The solution to this problem is either using managed VPS hosting or managed dedicated hosting. A managed VPS host has the edge over shared web host because it offers 24x7 support. This backend support ensures that there is always someone there to tackle any issue, even before it arises. While in shared web host services, one has to wait for someone to come online and then resolve a problem.

Managed VPS web hosts make a great cost-efficient option for small businesses. Companies that do not see an influx of traffic or heavy data can rely on managed VPS hosting. But for bigger firms with massive software usage or those that require utmost protection of data, a dedicated web host would be the better option. A dedicated server is one that separates each website they host from the others. There is no physical or virtual connection. It ensures that in case one website is compromised, all the others on the server are safe.

Not all web hosts are equally perfect for all businesses. Choosing the correct hosting service will depend upon the needs and requirements of your company.